I am a PhD candidate looking at industrialization and the continuation of household textile production in the UK and China ca. 1750-1990. My main research question is: Why did household textile production largely continue alongside textile factory production in China’s 20th industrialization but not on the same scale in 18th-19th c. Britain?

I was born in Blackburn, Lancashire, an important historical cotton town, to Gujarati parents who moved over in the 1970’s to work in the cotton mills. My parents laboured at home making various piece goods before setting up an informal business in the basement of the house, and later a denim textile factory (with over 100 workers), which closed down in the late 1990s, with the business evolving to import-export from China. Labour costs and the skill of workers were the two reasons they mentioned.
I studied my bachelors in Economics and History at Glasgow University, and later moved to Utrecht for my Masters in History, and later PhD. When I’m not researching, I enjoy climbing, baking and have a penchant for gardening.