News and events

During the course of this research, we will share our research findings at events hosted by us and others. Below you will find an overview of all planned activities and news regarding the project and project related topics. Follow us to stay informed.


EHS Annual Conference 2021

Faheem Rokadiya, Corinne Boter and Sarah Carmichael take part in the upcoming EHS Annual Conference 2021. Their presentation is scheduled…

ESSHC: Relocation or Resilience?

This year, the ESSHC will be held online. Our team participates. If you are attending, please join us on Wednesday…


Dutch Textiles in Global History: Interconnections of Trade, Design, and Labour, 1600-2000

This workshop aims to address the following questions: How has the Dutch textile industry been influenced by its global connections and, vice versa, how have Dutch textile exports influenced other regions? How did the Dutch connect to or disconnect from differentiated textile markets and consumption tastes, for instance by linking, transferring and imitating designs and values of certain products? How did other players on the world market respond?