John Styles Masterclass

On March 11th, coinciding with the workshop “Dutch Textiles in Global History”, Prof. Dr. John Styles will offer an online masterclass for a small of group PhD candidates and early-stage post-docs, whose research is in line with his expertise. Styles specializes in the history of eighteenth-century England with a particular interest in the history of everyday things used by the common people. During the masterclass, participants will discuss their research, including the challenges and the opportunities they are facing.

If you are interested, please send an abstract of your research (c. 300 words) by March 5th to Faheem Rokadiya. The topic may be textiles, fashion, technology, the industrial revolution, living standards, dress, material culture and consumption. From the applications, six candidates will be selected.

This masterclass is organized by the Research Institute for History and Art History (OGK) at Utrecht University, in collaboration with the N.W. Posthumus Institute.

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